Think outside the box is now just a cliché.

Destroy the box and you’ve changed the rules of the game. So what does it take to create a game-changer?

4 critical body parts:

The Head:

For a really big, disruptive idea.

The Heart:

Passion for brilliant execution.

The Gut:

Gumption and intuition rather than logic and mathematics

And above all, Balls:

To be willing to take the risk rather than go safe.

Push us like hell for the first 3. And bring the 4 th with you.

What Defines Us

We are the flagship company of the TDF Group. And that also makes us the primary carriers and upholders of the Group DNA. We take that role of Agents of Change very seriously. It is also crucial to our relationships with our clients and associates. And to the way we choose to work (or not work) with clients. We are always desperately hungry for business and clients. But we’re only as desperate as our clients are for us.

In other words, if you view us as your brand partners, you’ll find us going out of our way to create success stories. If however you choose to view your agency as a vendor we’re definitely not for you.


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Jay Varia
Founder & CEO

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Inam Kazimi
Executive Creative Director

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Kevin Mwaura
Group Business Lead

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Salma Sharon
Human Resource