The digital industry is growing disruptively, with constant changes, especially on the Social Media Platforms that we need to pay attention to.

As we move on to 2019, here’s a couple of trends we need to stay true to and not leave behind.

High engagement

Brands are slowly realizing the need of consumer engagement online. Consumers not only love sharing their sentiments on social media, but also enjoy getting responses from various brands. This forms a personal relationship between the two parties and gives the brand a chance to turn it’s customers into effective advocates of their product or service.

Leverage on paid media

Organic media is dwindling on social media with the updated algorithms on platforms like Facebook. To ensure that content put out by brands is seen and gets enough engagement, some investment is necessary. This is where paid media comes in to play. It drives exposure and enables a brand to reach new markets while improving engagement from its existing customer base.

It’s a Millennial Era

The term ‘digital’ itself screams millennials. This demographic is slowly taking over the digital space and this is why it important for brands to ‘court’ them on social media. Most purchasing decisions made by millennials are greatly influenced by social media. Therefore, building their trust and loyalty by genuinely connecting with them online creates a large stable market for the brand.

Social Listening Tools

When people talk, you should listen. So many insights can be drawn from people engaging with a brand online. Hence the reason why social media listening tools are absolutely vital. This will help keep track of the success of your brand campaign, identify what’s not working for your consumers and establishing your engagement levels. 

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